The Toledo Full Immersion Package is a two days activity designed for guest to experience the entire tours and activities offered by the Toledo Eco-Tourism Association guesthouse in San Antonio village.  

Cell Phone: (501) 606-5845/629-4280 (WhatsApp available)

Free WIFI internet Available


Information Recommendation: Please view San Antonio Village profile for bus schedule and village history.

The full immersion packages Break down activity Itinerary:

Day One: Village Tour, Cocoa Farm Tour, Cocoa Chocolate Grinding,
Waterfall Tour, and Craft Lesson (Three meals provided for the day &

Day Two: Jungle Tour, Blue Creek Cave Tour, River
Swimming/Recreation, and Traditional Cooking Lesson (Three meals provided for
this day & Accommodation)

Special Note:
Be aware that any transportation cost that is required to do the activities is already
added to the package price, therefore there will be no additional expense to the package except an additional
charge of $10.00 BZ for registration fee that goes to Administration office and the Belize Tourism Board for Tax charges.