The Toledo Ecotourism Association (TEA) is a community based organization, created and designed to help reduce poverty in the Toledo District of Belize. This program intends to help community people to enhance their knowledge about the importance of conserving the natural resources and cultural practices they use on a daily basis. It offers economic opportunities for the local people living in each villages, who then can manage, control, regulate, and benefit equitable from ecotourism program.

When you visit any of our TEA villages, you will be welcomed by the happy smiling faces of our people who stand ready to host you or your group with quality services during your stay in their communities. Our main focus is not the dollars that the tourist brings, but rather the importance of preserving our culture, our identity and our environment. Over the years TEA family members has benefited from guests that brings them gift packages, school supplies and most importantly the interaction between Maya families and foreign country families is an unforgettable experience.

The money you bring in each village helps to enhance health and education, promote conservation awareness, and supplement the TEA family’s ability to provide daily necessities to keep their children healthy and to further their level of education.

In our villages, you can stay in a guesthouse, take tours of the village, walk to attractions in the jungle, meet with people, enjoy traditional music or dance, and practice our local handicrafts. You can do this by stopping in the village for a short visit, by staying overnight and having meals with different families, or by staying several days. Our members earn money by charging you for the stay at the guesthouse and the different tours, meals or entertainment you select. So what you choose to do will determine the cost of your visit, and the revenue that will remain in the village and TEA. The members rotate the duties of guiding, preparing meals and such, so that tourist revenues are shared through the village.

After your memorable experience, we ask you to contribute a portion of your time to complete the visitors report with comments on your stay. We would appreciate any help you can give us to help market the program to friends, and acquaintances educational institutions, tour operators, and travel related concerns around the world. I hope you enjoy your stay and plan to visit us next time.


Promoting Cultural Tourism