San Antonio is a Mopan Mayan community that was established in the 1850’s and still remains as the most populated village in the Toledo District. The village continues to preserve its unique cultural language and its traditional daily livelihood practices. The Catholic Church that was built with stone in the 1940’s continues to be the main center of attraction in the village due to its historic church bell, as well as the statue of San Antonio that was brought by the first settler that migrated from San Luis Petén, Guatemala to escape a military regime that was persecuting the Mayan tribes. Aside from the main attraction of the village, the TEA program continues to attract both local and international visitors who want to partake in various cultural and recreational activities using its natural resources.

Main Attractions in San Antonio

  • Jungle tour
  • Village tour
  • Craft lessons
  • Milpa (farm) tour
  • Cooking lessons
  • Waterfall expedition
  • Cacao grinding lesson
  • Marimba music
  • Horseback riding
  • Cave tour (Blue Creek dry/wet tour)

San Antonio Village Photos and main buildings and structures:

Special Event in San Antonio:

San Antonio village is the largest Mayan settlement in Belize, consisting of around 2000 mainly Mopan Mayans. Their main festival begins on the 25th of August every year. The festival, known as the Deer Dance, includes music, dancing, costumes, greasy pole and the burning of incense.

Night time Mayan Entertainment:

TEA continues to host for Marimba music and ancient Mayan storytelling for their guests and visitors while visiting the program in San Antonio.

Cultural Activities:

Guest and visitors can partake in cultural activities that includes the Cocoa Chocolate Grinding where they witness the whole processing and get a chance to drink a fresh chocolate drink at the end.

Craft Lesson:

Guest can participate in an Art and craft lesson to make earing & basket in different styles using the Jippi Jappa, and also to make embroidery.

Cultural Food and Main dishes:

The main dish of the Mopan Maya is the chicken caldo that contain herb seasoning with homemade corn tortillas. Other Dishes includes Rice and beans with stew chicken, Jippi Jappa with eggs, callaloo, and wild game meats.

Traditional farming in San Antonio:

Majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers and depend on their organic framing as a source of their daily survival. They cultivate small farm crops such as beans, rice, corn, banana & Plantein, grounds food (yams, vegetables, etc.) Cocoa farming is a growing practice in the community which is used as a source of income to support family and household needs.


Water Fall swimming:

Jump from the 30 foot tall stones that surround this swimming pool that can refresh your body with its cool water and feel close to nature with the nearby bushes and forest.

Horseback riding:

is an activity that can be arranged for guests visiting the program. Many guests have experienced the cool refreshing breeze that lushes under the high trees and bushes of San Antonio. Along the way, take a swim in the green pool and then head back to the guesthouse, passing through the village riding on a horse.

Blue Creek Cave: Dry and wet cave tour

The Blue Creek Cave tour is arranged by TEA, where an experienced licensed guide take guest on a 2-3 hours dry or wet cave tour. All gears and safety measures are taken before the tour. Blue Creek village is located 6 miles away from San Antonio village.

Transportation Schedule to San Antonio:

Chunny’s Bus and Coc’s Bus travel to and from Punta Gorda on a weekly basis Monday- Saturday. These bus owners are from San Antonio, but Chen’s Bus goes all the way to Jalacte border, therefore it passes through San Antonio village.

San Antonio Village Bus Schedule

Punta Gorda to San Antonio

San Antonio to Punta Gorda

7:00 AM Chunny’s Bus 6:00 AM Chunny’s Bus
12:00 AM Coc’s Bus & Chunny’s Bus 6:30 AM Coc’s Bus
1:30 PM Chen’s Bus 8:00 AM Chen’s Bus
3:30 PM Chen’s Bus 11:00 AM Chen’s Bus
4:30 PM Bol’s Bus 1:30 PM Coc’s Bus
5:15 PM Coc’s Bus 4:00 PM Chen’s Bus

All Buses not available on Sundays

Daily Bus Schedule to Mango Creek:

These buses are daily transporting passengers from Mango Creek (Independence Village) from Sunday to Sunday to the border village of Jalacte. These bus runs make it ideal for visitors coming out from Placencia to visit our inland tours and villages in less than two hours' ride.

Bus Schedule from San Antonio to Mango Creek (Independence)

Leaves San Antonio

Leaves Mango Creek

1:45 PM Yaxcals Bus 6:00 AM
2:30 PM Teul’s Bus 7:00 AM
4:50 PM Yaxcals Bus 8:00 AM


Contact People: Reyes or Jenny Chun

Contact information:

Phone: (501) 606-5845 or 629-4280 (Whats App available)