The One Full Day Mayan Experience package is designed for guests that just want to spend the day in one of the Mayan communities. Therefore, this package consist of activities that conveys the idea of the daily livelihood of many Mayan communities in Toledo through an education tour and fun filled indoor activities.


Cell Phone: (501) 606-5845/629-4280 (WhatsApp available)

This package is available in San Antonio and San Miguel village

One full day Toledo Mayan Experience Itinerary in Both villages:

San Antonio San Miguel
- Breakfast - Breakfast
- Cocoa Farm Tour - Milpa Farm Tour
- Cocoa Grinding - Coffee Grinding
- Lunch - Lunch
- Craft Lesson - Craft Lesson
- Catch Bus to leave (4:00PM) - Catch bus to leave (3:30PM)

Note: Specify in which Village you want to do the one day Toledo Mayan Experience while making reservation.
San Miguel Guesthouse activities link (YouTube)

Special Notice:

  1. Note that you will have to charter from Columbia junction to San Miguel ($25.00BZ)

to do the activities in that village.

2. But in San Antonio, there is no need to charter because there is a bus that leaves Punta Gorda at 7:00 AM
(Monday-Saturday) and reach San Antonio village at 8:00 AM.