Tour Packages Offered by TEA

Local and international guests can purchase package tours and activities at a very attractive discounted rate according to their schedule and timeline of their visit in Belize. We offer three types of packages according to the activities that can be done within those times. Feel free to choose the activities of your passion and interest and make reservations immediately to make reservation at: Email: /  Cell Phone: (501) 637-2101 (Whats App available)

Note: Please note that the bus fee from Punta Gorda to San Antonio is $3.00BZ (1.50 USD).

Recommendation: To select the village at which you wish to do the package activities, view the profile of each village on the website and notify us so we can arrange the package for you.

Toledo Full Immersion Package

Price Per Person (USD)

2 full days of all 8 activities (Total of 16 hours)
2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner
2 night stay at guesthouse
Total Price for Full Immersion Package
$ 150 USD
Optional Activity: This activity is not included in the package (separate and additional billing)
Night time Mayan entertainment ((Marimba music, dancing, and story telling)
$90 USD (flat rate)

**The full immersion packages is a two day activity: Break down activity Itinerary:

Day One: Village Tour, Cocoa Farm Tour, Cocoa Chocolate Grinding, Waterfall Tour, and Craft Lesson (Three meals provided for the day & Accommodation).

Day Two: Jungle Tour, Blue Creek Cave Tour, River Swimming/Recreation, and Traditional Cooking Lesson (Three meals provided for this day & Accommodation)

Note: This package is offered only in San Antonio village. Be aware that any transportation cost that is required to do the activities is already added to the package price, therefore there will be no additional expense to the package except an additional charge of $10.00 BZ for registration fee that goes to Administration office and the Belize Tourism Board for Tax charges.


One Full Day Toledo Mayan Experience

Price Per Person (USD)

6 hours of activities
1 breakfast, 1 lunch
Total $45 USD

One full day Toledo Mayan Experience Itinerary in Both villages

San Antonio                                                                                 San Miguel

  • Breakfast                                                                                       - Breakfast
  • Cocoa Farm Tour                                                                        - Milpa Farm Tour
  • Cocoa Grinding                                                                           - Coffee Grinding
  • Lunch                                                                                            - Lunch
  • Craft Lesson                                                                                 - Craft Lesson
    • Catch Bus to leave (4:00 PM)                                       - Catch Bus to leave (3:30 PM)


Note: Specify in which Village you want to do the one day Toledo Mayan Experience while making reservation.

**Also note that you will have to charter from Columbia junction to San Miguel ($25.00BZ) to do the activities in that village.

But in San Antonio, there is no need to charter because there is a bus that leaves Punta Gorda at 7:00 AM (Monday-Saturday) and reach San Antonio village at 8:00 AM.

Overnight Toledo Mayan Experience

Price Per Person (USD)

8 hours of activities (excluding Mayan entertainment)
Overnight stay at guesthouse
1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner
Total $60 USD

The activities include the Cocoa Farm Tour, Cocoa Chocolate Grinding, Craft Lesson, Waterfall Swimming, and Cooking Lesson. This Package is only available at San Antonio village.