Promoting Cultural Tourism

Toledo Ecotourism Association (TEA)

The TEA continues to remain as the most socially responsible community based tourism program in Southern Belize. The TEA is committed to preservation of culture and natural resources of the Mayan Communities, hence promoting cultural tourism to uplift and transform the lives of the indigenous people of Toledo.

TEA Contact Information

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Phone: (501) 606-5845 or 629-4280 (WhatsApp Available)

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Mr. Reyes Chun

TEA Chairman

Mr. Reyes Chun is one of the Co-founder of Toledo Eco-Tourism Association (TEA) in 1990. Since the establishment of the association for the past eighteen years, he has served two times as chairman being that elections are held every five years, and now has been elected once again as the chairman of TEA for the period 2015-2020. Mr. Chun continues to be the main pillar for the survival of the association as he continues to offer voluntary services to the entire TEA operation. Toledo Eco-Tourism Association is a community based Organization that promote cultural tourism, therefore, the survival and funding for the operation is mostly from the income earned from the guests that visit and participate in the program. However, Mr. Chun remain confident that the guesthouse program activities operated under TEA will continue to foster small economic growth within the Mayan villages participating, and will continue to help alleviate poverty among the villages by directly involving the villagers to earn small income from the services and tours they provide for guest visiting the Toledo Eco-Tourism Association guesthouse program.


Noel Chun


Noel Chun is a graduate student from the University of Belize, and is ambitious is being a team player in promoting cultural tourism in the southern Mayan communities, as a means of helping to alleviating economic hardship many Mayan families faces on a daily basis. He offers voluntary services to TEA in terms of making reservation, answering emails/phone calls, assist in administrative work, and assist in website maintenance.