San Miguel is a small community that is conveniently located near the Southern Highway. It is populated with mostly Kek'chi Mayans that are living in peace and harmony.

In 1950, a small group of Kek'chi Mayans migrated eastwards from Santa Theresa looking for more fertile soil for agricultural farming. At first, they asked the people of San Pedro Columbia (a nearby village) for some land and were given 150 acres across the Columbia River. They brought with them a statue of Saint Michael, after whom the village was named, and the statue can still be seen in the church today. The village population is almost 600 and continues to expand over the years.

In 1990, a family of five joined the Toledo Ecotourism Association to cater to tourists in their villages in order to promote sustainable tourism and make use of their natural resources and cultural practices. Today, the village has a fully functional guesthouse (electricity, safe drinking water, bathrooms, WIFI using data plans) and caters tours and activities during the day, including meals. San Miguel offers easy access to the ancient Mayan ruins at Lubaantun, alleged home of the Crystal Skull.

Main Activities in San Miguel:

  • Jungle Tour
  • Village Tour       
  • Milpa Farm Tour
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Tiger Cave Exploration
  • River Canoeing
  • Coffee Grinding
  • Mayan Ruin Visit (Lubaantun Archaeological Site)          
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san miguel pottery
san miguel wall 2

Main Village Contact People: Vicente and Antonia Ack

Bus Schedule:

San Miguel Village Bus Schedule

Punta Gorda to San Miguel

San Miguel to Punta Gorda

10:30 AM Cucul’s Bus 6:00 AM Cucul’s Bus
11:30 AM Cal’s Bus 7:00 AM Cal’s Bus
4:30 PM Cal’s Bus 8:00 AM Cucul’s Bus
5:15 PM Cucul’s Bus 1:00 PM Cal’s Bus
4:00 PM Cucul’s Bus

Note: No village bus travel on Sundays (option is to charter vehicle to main highway)